Risky Loop

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Risky Loop

Risky Loop

Risky Loop is a simple but challenging driving game where you have to drive your car/bike/truck in circular loop, keep your vehicle safe and avoid the crash with other vehicles.

Watch out for other vehicles on your road, control your speed, avoid crash and earn points for every circle.

Risky Loop is to adjust speed of your Vehicle to avoid crashes and pass new lap.

You can drive your vehicles around in winter snow, desert sand, or peaceful summer forest track! Also you will drive around at different times of the day, night, day, twilight and of course the dawn.

Try to survive as long as you can and reach to the top of the leaderboard and set up a new WORLD RECORD!

Play more and unlock more cars, achievements and amazing levels, you will never get bore while playing this simple casual game called “Risky Loop”.


- Set the difficulty of the game.

- Click Play button to start the game.

- Tap on Right to speed up tap on left to speed down your vehicle.


- Trending voxel graphics style.

- Lots of built-in brand new cars with cute blocky style to be unlocked with coins.

- Unlock new cars to full fill your collection.

- Volumetric car headlight.

- Unique environments.

- Day/Night mode.

- Easy and hard difficulty options.

- Simple and Addictive one-touch gameplay.

- Daily reward system.

- Watch the advertisement to earn unlimited extra bonus coins.

- Simple car speed management.

- Challenging and addictive time killing game.

- Combination of arcade racing and brain game.

- Lovely sounds.

- Totally free to download.

- Easy to play, hard to master, impossible not to crash but definitely an addictive game!