Wordy Blocks

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Wordy Blocks

Wordy Blocks

Enjoy the new game on everyones lips. A Word puzzle game that will give your brain a full workout.


The game play is extremely easy, find hidden words in the blocks.

Each word found helps destroy the Wordy Block.

Find all the words to complete the level


To only name a few, the puzzle comes with:

*Level Hints : Each level comes with clues to help you find the hidden words

*Power Ups : Use our 'search glass', 'Idea' and 'Shuffle" buttons when you need a little bit of help

*Gifts : Receive bonus gifts each day you conquer the puzzle

*Themes : You can unlock different game themes in the game

*Bonus Rewards : Collect bonus rewards with each extra word you find. Use the rewards to gain more POWER UPS.

*The game comes with more than a 1000 puzzles with many more to come.